Friday, November 11, 2011

ready steady go

My name is Julie. I have blogged before on
From the early age of my blog I grew quite tired of my blog name. It was too specific, and seemed like something I came up with in a haste - which is exactly what I did. So now I finally ditched that one.

My new blog is going to be very much the same as the old one. A insight in my life, mainly evolving around fashion, photography, traveling, cravings, cooking, general hanging around, doing random stuff and being both desperate to have an actual plus on my everlasting minus account. Oh yeah, and trying to be a skinny bitch. But not ever succeeding. Fail. 

The name is yet again a very random idea that eventually (after having dug my brain for months) came to me one boring night at work. I love animals. I and especially fascinated with deers in general, owls, turtles, dogs and probably a lot of other weird creatures too... I also love winter; snow, the the crystals, the cold, the stars...! So yeah basically I decided a reindeer it was going to be and yeah, now it is what it is. I'm pleased though.

So enjoy (or don't). Introducing; REINDEER RUMORS.

P.S I can not spell, not even to save my own life. But those who have followed me before, already know this. You knew ones; get used to it.