Friday, February 24, 2012

dumb dumber dumbest goes Sydney; little bay beach

Yes we are tourists with a big T, but somehow we wanted to see something different than the well known overcrowded Bondi Beach in Sydney. It's not that I don't want to see Bondi at all, it's just when you have limited amount of time, you might want to see something different, right? So Lena myself and Tanja got our white buts down to something called Little Bay. How we ended tere, I don't know, but it was a nice small beach, down in a cove with apparently great opportunity for snorkeling. If it wasn't for the dogs that kept on running ON us, I would have given it a 10/10.
Sydney does beaches well...

korovou resort - naviti island


A few words to describe Korovou and Naviti Island; very relaxed, sunny, stunning, great food, nicest people = paradise.
I extended my stay to two nights, coz I've never been to a place so peaceful, calm and relaxed. It was truly a matter of; 'should I go swimming or continue reading my book, or should I just go and take my third nap of the day in the hammock'. The hammock usually won. This was a true island vacation, and never have I had less to do. I quite enjoyed it.
So the two days in Korovou was spent chillaxing, playing some volleyball in the afternoon (yup I still have some scars to remind me of Korovou... The Fijians take their volley seriously!), eating, napping in the hammock, eating again, drinking coconuts, walks on the beach, watching and participating in evening activities, mostly bula-dancing, and crab-racing.
Korovou, a highly recommendable place! And no idiots to pull dirty fake-turtle tricks on me. Win!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

coral view and its children

As mentioned my first stop In Fiji, the Yasawas, was the resort of Coral View. I spent two nights in there in total and had the best of times. Except for when the idiots there decided to take advantage of my innocence and love for turtles, and fool me with the lamest trick ever... They dug a whole, placed one of the idiots
in the whole, put a turtle shell on top, and when exited me thought it was a turtle laying eggs he jumped up and scared the shit out of me. But with that being the exception, I had a wonderful stay. The location was stunning, food was great and yeah, a very nice overall impression.
In coral view I did something I though I'd never do... Yup crazy ass me went on a suicide mission, and went diving with he sharks. It was a shark feed dive, and 20m down in the water, you just hold on to a rope and watch everything from small reef sharks to stupidly big and fat bullsharks. Holy SHIT! Was I panicking? Yes. Did I almost shit myself? Totally. Did I also get a freaking nosebleed while diving with 3-5m bullsharks swimming 3m away from where I was standing? Sure did. But I survived!! Life goes on. We videoed everything in the water, but my dive buddy somehow managed to delete all the videos. Well done! So I have no images or videos of my heroic act, only some from Coral View. Enjoy!