Tuesday, February 21, 2012

hectic times after melbourne

The next step we took after Melbourne was new years in Sydney. We left Melbourne on the 30.12.11, took an overnight bus and arrived the next morning in Sydney. We then cued 4 hours to get into the royal botanic garden, the park, where we then would celebrate the new year of 2012. Is was nice and chillaxed, and the sun was shining from a blue sky. After the amazing fireworks, we hurried over to some friends friends place, somewhere in the suburbs of Sydney, where we spent the night on two surprisingly comfy couches. The next day, 1.1.2012, totally hungover and tired, we were off again to our next destination; Surfers Paradise and Summa Dayz festival. We took the crappy overnight train, and arrived in Surfers the 2.1, in the morning. We got to Darren's, the dude's place we were supposed to couchsurf at, and after a two hour wait outside, we were let in by a sleepy Darren. We then got ready to go to the festival, and after some courage refreshments, we were off. Of course we lost everybody the minute we stepped outside the bus, so Lena and I were left to admire all the jersey shore people and fake boobs all by ourselves. We didn't mind though, coz people-watching just happens to be one of our favorite hobbies! But not only did we see heaps (Ozzie word!) of jersey shore guys, fake tans and way too short shorts, we also saw Snoop Dog give a very stoned concert, Justice rock it on stage with a nice lightshow, and Moby play under bad sound system. All in all, definitely a experience to remember. But I would not ever pay 150$ for a festival in Australia again. If the sound system is that bad, it's no point going to a festival.

We had another rough night that night, not going to bed before almost dawn, and the next day we were off again. We took the bus, on the 3.1, to arrive in Byron Bay the very same evening. We met up with Kayleigh, and after to nights in different hostels in Byron, we yet again took an overnight train back to Sydney. I swore never to take any overnight transport again, but you know, that didn't work out too well... Poor poorer Julie.

I don't have any pictures from new years, except for the monster cue to the garden (that I have taken with my now seriously ill iPhone), and neither any from the festival. I left my camera home for safekeeping, fearing for its well being. Kjartan, our norwegian caveman friend, took the pictures on new years, but I have yet to see them. Heard rumors about him accidentally deleting all of them...dunno.
So here are some pictures from Surfers Paradise, the city and beach.

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