Monday, September 3, 2012

in honor of the man himself

He was surely a nutty, but a genious non the less. I'm talking about Alexander McQueen.
I saw this supercool übernice awesonmess itself top on one of the  markets we visited in Thailand. I got somekind of internal brain-bleed and didn't buy it, even though I instantly fell in love with it. I moaned about the top forever afterwards, and knew I made a huge mistake in not buying it. My friend grew tired of my whining, and probably went back to that market just to shut me up. She gave it to me when I went to CPH to visit. I was so happy I could die. What a friend wouldn't do...! THX Simone :)
Never you mind the wrinkles, it just came out of my luggage (when this picture was taken). But isn't it fucking amazing?

Material love is so underrated!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Overkill is the best kill. Take a look at my new ZARA silvery snakeskin pattern shiny jeans with gold zippers. Amazingly cool. I'm in love with them.
I'm wearing, as I said, Zara jeans or pants, same same but different, COS teeshirt, long sleeved Monki shirt, Gina Tricot scarf, H&M sunnies and ShoeBiz suede heeled boots. 
The jewelry was mixed gold and silver (as are the pants). I wore silver rings, silver earrings and my copper robot-skeleton bought on the greatest market in Bangkok.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

don't forget your brows

Dudes and dudettes, it's all about the eyebrows!
I got inspired to make this brow post, since one of my collages commented on something as random as my brows. She complimented both shape and color, totally out of the blue, and that made me think that maybe I do have nice brows. 
And luckily, brows are cool, if you do it right. Forget the thinly plucked straight pencil colored (or worse, tattooed!) brows, they simply can't cut it. Just let them grow, bushy and wild! But here's the trick, even though they are supposed to be wild and "out of control", you still need to have full control over them. Otherwise you'll end up looking like a werewolf. Or worse, a hippie!

My miracle fix for my brows is this incredible brow wax from Lumene. It's both a wax, and a coloring creme, and just happens to be the perfect color for me. I used to color my brows with a pencil, coz mine are translucent white, but with this one there's no need for any of that.
 My brows are from now on; saved.

Oh and remember to brush upwards, to create that controlled bushy 

Are you caring for your eyebrow look?