Sunday, July 15, 2012

farewell grandma

Yesterday we buried my grandmother in Kotka. It was a beautiful ceremony, peaceful and simple. Even the sun was shining to wish her one last goodbye. 
My cousins and family from my mothers side came, and taken in the circumstances of the gathering, it was a sad but lovely day. 

My memories of my grandma are precious, but unfortunately too few. Though I will remember her always. Sleep well dear grandma.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

h&m reunion

I can't tell you how much I love H&M! It's heaven. Imagine how happy I was to find a huge H&M in Singapore. Very happy. So happy I spent two hours there. I went through every item in the trend section, and found various other nice things to try on in the other sections. Since I came home to a H&M without the trend section, I was glad that Singapore had it! So here are some amateur pics I took in the dressing rooms, taken with my really good camera; my iPhone. Hehe.

I tried on this amazing trend silk blouse, that cost a fortune. I pared it up with these cool black pants in kind of horseback riding material - spandex something. I would so have bought them had they had them in my seize... :/ the shirt came home with me though!

Here are the same pants in beige. I wanted them in that creme beige color as well, but my chubby legs are just not made for elastic material that shows off what lies beneath
The trend top was a hit, and in the shopping cart it went.

This blouse was just gorgeous, but I didn't go for it. Probably coz I'm poor and didn't have any immediate idea of where to wear it and how to style it. Plus not the most flattering sleeve cut, or the lack of it, for my arms... need some toning asap. Gasp.

I also bought the cool rose-gold colored sunnies chain, silver sandals and a hair thingy to make a bun. A hair-bun thingy...

Now; I need pants.

Friday, July 6, 2012

summer in a bowl

I hit home at the perfect time (of the year that is). The sun has started to come out and every day it gets warmer and warmer.
Yesterday Camilla my friend stopped by and reminded me what summer was really about. Friends, spontaneousness, sun and strawberries. I'd forgotten all about strawberries! Now I remember. 
Let the summer cravings begin!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

being home is like riding the worlds largest emotional roller coaster

Okay, so I guess crying has become somewhat of my ting now. Man it's tiering! I'm happy to be home and all but...yeah. Thank god for sunglasses is all I gotta say, and good I have a pair or two to choose from. 
Tomorrow I'll post something nice, like stuff that I've enjoyed since I came home, or some dumb pics I took in H&Ms dressing room in Singapore.

I wish it would be august already.

the last hug

I don't want to go to bed coz I'm not going to like what I dream.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

maxi it

Flashing my new maxi dress. The comfiest thing from Forever 21. I'm living in it atm.

a travelers favorites

Some of my favorite things in my packpack.
And check out the wall! I love the wall. I want a wall like that. Raw concrete chic.  
(it was the unfinished walls inside the cheapest room we could find on Koh Phagnan...)

Loving my semi new Stella McCartney comfy bra, new fake sunnies, silver necklace with a bird skull, white top with gold studs from Zara and my watch from Skagen.

But my poor Skagen watch got stolen! So now there's some asian prick running around with my watch, probably trying to sell it for cheap cheap. ARGH!

The bra from Stella McCartney, found in an underwear outlet in Melbourne. Apparently I'm really into underwear, and apparently I'm willing to invest a lot on underwear, both money wise and time wise. Not good. It's becoming a destructive habit.

My new favorite necklace! A long chain in silver, with a tiny silver bird skull. I bought it at the weekend market in Bangkok. Superb market, SO worth the visit there!

Round shaped sunnies were what I was looking for, and these were the ones that joined my sunglass collection. Just a bummer they have to be 'Ray Ban's', but it's quite the challenge finding something in Asia that's not fake labelled. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

home at last

This calls for a woop woop!

My dad and brother picked me up from Helsinki airport early this Sunday morning. Two hours later I was home with my mom, my dog and my dad and brother, in our huge untidy house in Naantali, close to Turku; known as the asshole of Finland. I don't care. I'm home! We had breakfast and talked, I almost suffocated Sophie our dog cuddling her, and I gave the cheap painkillers I got as souvenirs to my parents. I am going to chill today, and take in the fact that our dog is not a stray and has no lice, I can walk outside without getting hit by a coconut, the shower does not smell like a sewage,  there are no heaps of garbage on the streets, I can drink tap water again, the supermarket is fully equipped with dairy products, I can buy something without having to bargain, I can go out not wearing sunscreen without roasting like a BBQ pig, I can watch TV again, and I can drive a car without hitting a chicken. The sensation of not sweating 24\7 is finally returning to me, I'm introducing my self to ryebread again, I am looking forward to exercising, and I'm almost glad to see our neighbors ugly ass house. Going to bed tonight is going to be weird. How can I fall asleep without the sound of waves, having geckos screaming in the ceiling, not have a fan spinning, having clean sheets and a proper blanket and pillow, and being the only one in the room? I will have to learn, coz guess what, I'm HOME!

P.S I wrote this on my MacBook. <3

Family picture taken 2 years ago.

i'm coming home

Materialist forever, there is no denying it.
I am ready to leave my hippie anklets and bracelets behind, toss out my ripped tees and ragged tops, wear makeup again, get mentaly prepared for abandoning the flipflops in exchange for closed shoes, and stylewise turn into my old self. I am so ready to get back to my full blown closet, my things, my friends and family, my macbook and our dog, in other words; get back to civilization! Words can not describe how much I'm looking forward to going home!
This trip has taught me something I already knew, I am a materialist and apparently very vein, and that's not gonna change anytime soon. I have travelled amongst hippies, seen many monks, walked amongst the poor, sometimes looking like one, given money to beggars, lived like a nomad, and always tried to find the cheapest way out. Now I'm done. The tiny growing hippie seed in my heart I had before this trip has vanished completely, I despise dreadlocks even more, and hiking boots outside a forest makes me nauseous. Many people tell me that traveling will make you realize how the western world is too materialistic and people are not able to enjoy life, to appreciate the small things that matter . Not me, nahaah, I'm going home to my stuff my things my belongings, because to me they matter, and believe me, I will enjoy every minute of it!
I am not saying that I will never travel again, coz I will. I love traveling more than anything, but next time is going to be out of my pink suitcase and not a backpack, I am done dragging my backpack around for more than a month. I will stay at a nice cockroach free hotel and enjoy proper breakfasts. But for now, I'm happy just going home. No, I'm extadic!

I'm in Singapore airport waiting for boarding, sitting at the same Starbucks where I wrote my first travel post 7 months ago. Time fucking flies, I can't believe 7 months has gone by. Incomprehensible. I have had the journey of my life, I loved it and I have plans to return to some of the places one day. I still have a lot to show you, and I hope to catch up soon with all the missed travel posts. As a matter of fact, I'm going home to a real computer, connected to the world wide web, which makes blogging much easier.

A big thanks to all the people who made this trip unforgettable, I will miss you, and I hope you are all doing fantastic out there. Hope to see you again some day. Much love!

Over and out.