Sunday, July 8, 2012

h&m reunion

I can't tell you how much I love H&M! It's heaven. Imagine how happy I was to find a huge H&M in Singapore. Very happy. So happy I spent two hours there. I went through every item in the trend section, and found various other nice things to try on in the other sections. Since I came home to a H&M without the trend section, I was glad that Singapore had it! So here are some amateur pics I took in the dressing rooms, taken with my really good camera; my iPhone. Hehe.

I tried on this amazing trend silk blouse, that cost a fortune. I pared it up with these cool black pants in kind of horseback riding material - spandex something. I would so have bought them had they had them in my seize... :/ the shirt came home with me though!

Here are the same pants in beige. I wanted them in that creme beige color as well, but my chubby legs are just not made for elastic material that shows off what lies beneath
The trend top was a hit, and in the shopping cart it went.

This blouse was just gorgeous, but I didn't go for it. Probably coz I'm poor and didn't have any immediate idea of where to wear it and how to style it. Plus not the most flattering sleeve cut, or the lack of it, for my arms... need some toning asap. Gasp.

I also bought the cool rose-gold colored sunnies chain, silver sandals and a hair thingy to make a bun. A hair-bun thingy...

Now; I need pants.

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