Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a travelers favorites

Some of my favorite things in my packpack.
And check out the wall! I love the wall. I want a wall like that. Raw concrete chic.  
(it was the unfinished walls inside the cheapest room we could find on Koh Phagnan...)

Loving my semi new Stella McCartney comfy bra, new fake sunnies, silver necklace with a bird skull, white top with gold studs from Zara and my watch from Skagen.

But my poor Skagen watch got stolen! So now there's some asian prick running around with my watch, probably trying to sell it for cheap cheap. ARGH!

The bra from Stella McCartney, found in an underwear outlet in Melbourne. Apparently I'm really into underwear, and apparently I'm willing to invest a lot on underwear, both money wise and time wise. Not good. It's becoming a destructive habit.

My new favorite necklace! A long chain in silver, with a tiny silver bird skull. I bought it at the weekend market in Bangkok. Superb market, SO worth the visit there!

Round shaped sunnies were what I was looking for, and these were the ones that joined my sunglass collection. Just a bummer they have to be 'Ray Ban's', but it's quite the challenge finding something in Asia that's not fake labelled. 

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