Sunday, July 1, 2012

home at last

This calls for a woop woop!

My dad and brother picked me up from Helsinki airport early this Sunday morning. Two hours later I was home with my mom, my dog and my dad and brother, in our huge untidy house in Naantali, close to Turku; known as the asshole of Finland. I don't care. I'm home! We had breakfast and talked, I almost suffocated Sophie our dog cuddling her, and I gave the cheap painkillers I got as souvenirs to my parents. I am going to chill today, and take in the fact that our dog is not a stray and has no lice, I can walk outside without getting hit by a coconut, the shower does not smell like a sewage,  there are no heaps of garbage on the streets, I can drink tap water again, the supermarket is fully equipped with dairy products, I can buy something without having to bargain, I can go out not wearing sunscreen without roasting like a BBQ pig, I can watch TV again, and I can drive a car without hitting a chicken. The sensation of not sweating 24\7 is finally returning to me, I'm introducing my self to ryebread again, I am looking forward to exercising, and I'm almost glad to see our neighbors ugly ass house. Going to bed tonight is going to be weird. How can I fall asleep without the sound of waves, having geckos screaming in the ceiling, not have a fan spinning, having clean sheets and a proper blanket and pillow, and being the only one in the room? I will have to learn, coz guess what, I'm HOME!

P.S I wrote this on my MacBook. <3

Family picture taken 2 years ago.

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