Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the Yasawas - Fiji

I got to Nadi (pronounced naNdi for some effed up reason, maybe the alphabet is that complicated for some...?) on time, to my amazement coz everything here works on Fiji-time. I arrived the evening of 13.2,12. After waiting a long time for my bookings to be confirmed by the agency, I caught a shuttle bus to Tanoa Skylodge. Tanoa Skylodge is a resort, that both houses fancy to normal people, as well as poor eurotrash like myself. The dorms are clean and quiet, beds are good and the restaurant has decent food for somewhat decent prices. Same goes for alcohol, ehrm ehrm...
I know you haven't heard from me in a week (again), but I can only blame Fiji for that. Wifi is only found on the mainland, and since I have spent the last 7 days sailing and lodging somewhere on the Yasawa islands, I couldn't connect my baby (my iPad) to the world wide web. But now when I'm back again at Tanoa Skylodge, I can pay ridiculous amounts of Fiji dollars to get wifi, and to tell you what I've been up to (and to facebook, obviously).
Coolers, so, the 14.2 I yet again had to get up early, and those who know me know there's not much I hate more than early, to catch the bus to the harbor. The Fijians almost take pride in making things more complicated than they are and making things take forever, so after a check-in that lasted at least one million hours, I got on the boat to go to the Yasawas. I was going to do some island hopping for 7 days, 6 nights, but I soon found out that it was less island hopping and more just a transfer boat running once a day. So if you get of an island you don't like, well, too bad, you can only do one stop per day. Haha suckers you dumb tourists (meaning me)! Well knowing nothing about where to go or what to do, I again, after too long booking arrangements at the "travel desk", got my self booked in on Coral View Resort, on Tavewa Island. It was the farthest of all islands, and the boat took 5 hours to get there. So I had some time catching up on my sunburn and reading. I also managed to take some pics on the way up, just to give you an idea of the archipelago I have visited. The scenery; not too bad! Or as the Germans would say it; 'it's okaaaay...'
Introducing: the Yasawas.

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