Monday, February 13, 2012

leaving Ozzieland

I'm sitting at Sydney airport, dead tired and jet lagged. We came home yesterday, from a 4 day road trip, and after a quick shower, packing and sad goodbyes, I was off to the airport, to take an overnight flight from Perth to Sydney. I have not slept too well in a van cramped with three people and very hard mattresses, and sitting at the airport, waiting 7 hours for a flight does not fly well with my mood swings...!

I'm leaving Ozzieland today, so not only does my tiredness bring me to the edge of tears, but also the fact that my stay here is done, for now, makes me wanna lay down and cry. I have fallen in love with Australia, and I hope these last 3 grumpy, tired, cranky, cold hours won't be the last I spend here.

I know I have loads more pictures to show you, things to tell you about this spectacular country, but all in time. I did my best to catch up but there's still a lot left. So I will post some Australia posts in between my other updates, so I wont get too far behind. For now you just have to bare with all the posts coming in weird order. Until next Aussie update, I'm going to pray for some good weather in Fiji.
Destination Nadi! Today a new chapter of my life begins. Julie, forfucksake, stop crying!

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