Friday, February 24, 2012

korovou resort - naviti island


A few words to describe Korovou and Naviti Island; very relaxed, sunny, stunning, great food, nicest people = paradise.
I extended my stay to two nights, coz I've never been to a place so peaceful, calm and relaxed. It was truly a matter of; 'should I go swimming or continue reading my book, or should I just go and take my third nap of the day in the hammock'. The hammock usually won. This was a true island vacation, and never have I had less to do. I quite enjoyed it.
So the two days in Korovou was spent chillaxing, playing some volleyball in the afternoon (yup I still have some scars to remind me of Korovou... The Fijians take their volley seriously!), eating, napping in the hammock, eating again, drinking coconuts, walks on the beach, watching and participating in evening activities, mostly bula-dancing, and crab-racing.
Korovou, a highly recommendable place! And no idiots to pull dirty fake-turtle tricks on me. Win!

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