Wednesday, October 3, 2012

back to my tripping - the reindeer went underwater

Missed me yet ;)?!?

So back to the endless pictures I have yet to show you from my travels. I just noticed I still have about 2000 pics left from australia alone, I haven't yet organized and edited to blog material. My last post was from Cairns, and I still have these dive photos to show before I move along down the coast to Airlie Beach.

So I'd like to show you some of the pictures I bought from the second diving trip I took in Cairns. This means the pics are taken by a underwater photographer, not me (hell, an underwater camera is as expensive as my entire 7 month trip! So instead of buying an underwater-camera and taking pictures in the tub, I decided to go on the trip see where I'm getting at.) 

The underwater world in the Great Barrier Reef is so spectacular and magnificent, and photos will never do it its rightful justice! But looking at these pics takes me back to the weightless feeling of floating around amongst heavenly scenery, in underwater wonderland.
Have a look at the coolest thing I've ever got to be a part of;
I got to feed and pet the turtle.
And FYI, me heart turtle!

I am going back at some point that's a fact. When I have more money, so that I can go diving every day!
The Great Barreir Reef is probably the most beautiful phenomenons I've ever seen. Im so happy I got to experience it.
It's worth every expensive AU dollar!

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