Monday, January 30, 2012


So folks, yet again it's been a while... And many apologies for that. I have been very busy with traveling, and the amount of pictures I have taken is overwhelming. And the Internet here is both retarded and way too expensive.

But now I'm all alone in Byron Bay, a city located some 3 hours down from Brisbane, on the east cost. Yes I'm still in Australia, for those who who weren't too sure...
There is so much to tell you, so many pictures to show! I have had a blast in Melbourne, I've road tripped on the great ocean road, couchsurfed in Surfers Paradise, been to a electronic music festival, spent new-years in Sydney, seen Sydney's famous opera house and nightlife, hiked in the beautiful Blue Mountains, dived in the great barrier reef, swam with turtles, bathed in waterfalls and volcanic lakes, sailed the Withsundays, driven on sandy Frasier Island, and met some fab people on the way! So far it has been an experience beyond imagination, but FUCK, my back account is crying (and me too)! Oz is expensive beyond believes, and I'm happy that (money wise) I don't have long left here... I'm going to Asia, where I will be tanning for breakfast and licking stones for dinner... Or something like that... At least a beer doesn't cost freaking 10$ in Thailand, and most likely I'll even get get food poisoning. Free detox woop woo!p!
Anyways, I'll spend another 4 days here in hippie Byron, and then I'm moving on to sunny Pert, west cost baby! Hopefully Tanja will agree on doing a small road trip with me, to go and feed the dolphins;)
Until then, I will do my best to catch up on all the posts I haven't posted. Stay tuned!

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