Thursday, May 3, 2012

dumb dumber dumbest goes Sydney; Blue Mountains

In memory of my oz experience, here are some pics from my journey through Sydney with Tanja and Lena.

We had heard so many nice things about the Blue Mountains, and Lonely Planet described it to be so idyllic, we decided to skip a days wandering the streets of Sydney, for the hikes of the truly blue, Blue Mountains.
The Blue Mountain national park is situated outside of Sydney, a two hour train ride away, with a landscape so spectacular and widespread it's amazing, and you wouldn't believe that you actually are somewhere close to Sydney's tall buildings, restaurants and big city buzz. Forget all about expensive tours, the only thing you need is a return train ticket, a map, time for hours of walking, and you're good to go. And yeah, good idea to wear sneaks or runners...
The massive cannions spreading as far as the eye can see, with gorgeous calming scenery, rain-forests, waterfalls, and stunning sunsets that turn the valleys blue, makes this green Grand Cannion so worth the time, and we're glad we went. We all agreed, what a fantastic place for a date :)

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