Friday, May 11, 2012

uncle brian and his tour

Oz memories:

Another successful day went by in Cairns on the Uncle Brian's tour. The tour differs a bit from other tours... The things you see and do are not on your normal sightseeing agenda and the bus driver/guide seems to have overdosed on Redbull and happy pills, making the Uncle Brian's tour hell on earth if you're not up for getting silly, listening to lame but funny jokes all day long, if you don't like swimming or singing, or interacting in forced social games in enclosed spaces. But if you are lucky as we were, the group you go with copes well together, and avoids all the awkward weirdness that can come off sticking 15 humorless shy weird uptight narrow minded and ignorant strangers in a 'talking' mini bus.
The uncle Brian's tour is a whole day thing, and our group decided to do what you do best in oz, to go for after tour drinking, making the day even longer. Me and Tanja had to call it a night though quite early, because the schedule for the next day showed diving, and diving with a huge hangover is probably not the greatest idea.
Long story short, the tour provided us with a fun day full of swimming, rock sliding, games and eating, hehe. We even managed to make some new friends. Always a bonus.


  1. Nä!!! Vitt o blått gele!!! Vi va på samma tour o gjorde exakt samma juttun o tom guiden verkar samma!!!!! loooolz, men vitsi den touren va helmi!!! Mysterious girl-vattenfalle va bäst!! KRAAAM, Nenne

  2. Heeei kul :) vi hörde från så minua att d va ett måste i Cairns så Uncle Brians blev d. Han där vår guide va vel på redbulls droger eller nåt, eller sen va problemet att han had en finsk flickvän från Oulu, kan ej vetas :) men roligt va d:)