Sunday, May 6, 2012

rainy days in krabi

Just a small hi from Krabi, Thailand. The weather is pretty crappy (hehe get it; Krabi-crappy) these days, so we're left to resolve our own boredom with trying to figure out what to do... Taking instagram pictures in the mirror is a start. And having free wifi at our guesthouse makes the time pass by just a little bit faster... But there's only so much fb you can take. So today we did the unthinkable, and went for a session in the nearby gym. My legs are going to ache tomorrow! And the after-gym-lunch led us straight to a big market place. Meaning now we have a food orgy planned for tonight. My tummy is going to ache tomorrow as well... Oh well, we have a trip booked for tomorrow, and in this weather, the trip is going to consist of snorkeling and sunbathing in heavy rain. Yuppie!

Gotta go take a shower now, so I can get ready for some hard core eating. Maybe Simone will take some better pics of me with my new old Levi's shorts. Maybe.

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