Thursday, June 28, 2012

bye buy simone

Yeah buddy! I'm in Singapore, where I arrived yesterday morning, after spending 26 hours on a bus through Thailand and Malaysia. I will have 3 nights in total, and on Saturday evening I will board a plain with the destination home.
I have Singapore all to my self, since my Simone chose to go to Cambodia instead, to extend her visa, so she can continue for another 3 weeks in the wet heat of the Asian summer. So now I'm left to my own fate, but luckily Singapore is a civilized country/city and I have not had any melt downs yet. YET. (They have H&M here, and Zara with summer sale, no time for meltdowns if ya know what I mean)

So The End with Simone and my travels, it's been a blast. Thanks for being there for me through various breakdowns, sorrows, joys, sicknesses, cravings, misunderstandings, enlightenments, and adventures. My mental health owes you it's sanity. Your my rock, my angel, my better half. Safe travels S! See ya in CPH <3 miss you already!

Here are some pics of us, taken with Simone's iPhone. Walk down memory lane. I will not cry again.


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