Friday, June 29, 2012

last day in spore

Don't read this if you're in a bad mood. This is a negative post and will not help or enlighten your day in any way.

Im pissed of, sad and angry. I have had such a shitty day. Yesterday when I wrote no meltdowns yet, well, that totally went and blew up in my face... I need to get my aggressions out! So here are some things that has annoyed immensely today;
- I hate queues! I hate queuing for something for forever, and then rushing through, for then to still miss out on the one thing you wanted to see.
- I hate spending 39 dollars on something when you missed out anyways.
- I hate waiting for the bus, coz when you missed out on the thing you wanted to see and just want to leave, you also just missed the bus. Hence the 30 minutes of time to write my angry post.
- I hate not being home right now. I hate not being there for my mom.
- I hate putting on sunscreen. And I hate when finally arriving at the beach, the sun decides to disappear, and the clouds warn you of thunder.
- I hate having to answer ten thousand questions, from a skinny nosy Asian guy in a speedo, laying creepishly close to me on a somewhat deserted beach, when I'm CLEARLY not in a talkative mood.
- I hate being thirsty, sweaty and having to pee at the same time.
- I hate that my face is a mess, and whatever I do only makes it worse (rash, allergic reaction or whatever... Something's messed up!)
- I hate that my phone is fucking autocorrecting every fucking word into something else, and ignoring the obvious spelling mistakes, so it takes fucking forever to write this!
- I hate crying in public.
- I hate that someone stole stuff from my luggage, and now my new bag, my watch, my charger and my nightie is missing. I mean, WTF?!?!
- I hate staying in a dorm with no light and no privacy, on a day when you're feeling extremely moody and just want to be left by yourself. And I hate having the top bunk bed.
- I hate that this day started off so bad, that the ongoings at home determined the fate of an otherwise perfectly normal and fun day, and that it turned into a day where everything went wrong. I hate that this day was doomed from the beginning.
- I hate knowing that the first family gathering back home is a funeral.

Hopefully I feel more cheerful tomorrow. 

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