Sunday, November 25, 2012

going purple but not quite there yet

Hey yo don't read on if you're not ready for my ego-boosting photobooth action.
I came quite close with the purple hair I wanted, not quite there yet though, but I'll keep trying! Here's the closest I've gotten so far;
As you might detect, the problem lies in the unevenness off the color. I want all of my 8 hairs to be the same color! So far my tactic has been home-dying it as blond as it gets, and then using a shitload of extra strong silver-shampoo. My hair is not responding evenly to the silver-shampooing, hence the multicolored hair. BUT, I have now ordered and received and actual purple hair-dye, and with that I hope to get the results I want. Long live eBay. So, to be continued...


  1. Ser fint ut ren nu, passar dig! :)

  2. Hei tack!! Fint att nån diggar! Alla finnar e int så impressed, men hey, d e mitt hår o nu fan ska nånting coolt bli utav d:)