Saturday, November 24, 2012

smack that lipstick on and get going

I went a bit overboard on the lipsticks lately, but I recently found out that even though my lips are tiny and insignificant, I can still pull off the colorful wonderfulness of a lipstick. Here are my latest 4 buys;

I have been on the lookout for a dark lipstick à la this, and as almost always, MAC had the solution, in the color MEDIA. The other lipstick I have been on the lookout for, is a pale cold purple lipstick, to compliment my upcoming purple hair. I have yet to find the exact color I'm looking for, but I came pretty close by combining INGLOT's light purplish pink lipstick with the Gina Tricot dark purple one. The last lipstick is a pale babypink by MAC, and also has the same pale "unnatural" look to it that I'm looking for. All in all, a successful lipstick hunt.

Thought I might as well show you my whole collection. Not all of them are being used, as you can see, but anyways, here they are.

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