Sunday, November 18, 2012

that hair

Long have I sighed for a drastic hair change, and too long have I known what I wanted. BUT, (yup here's the but..) I have some issues concerning my hair; it falls out. And no matter what I do, how well I treat it, it still bloody keeps falling out, and keeps thinning. Therefore, I have ULTRA thin hair. I used to have very thick healthy hair, but then something happened. But that seems like centuries ago now, and I'm almost used to my mousy thin hair. 
So, I have reached a conclusion. Since all my efforts of saving my hair, stuffing myself with expensive vitamins and weird natural medicine, not treating it with any heat styling, not coloring it, used only very sensitive hair products, and applying numerous of hair treating oils and serums and whatnot, have had no result whatsoever, I might as well go all in and destroy it once and for all. What's the point of having thinning ugly-ass hair, when you can have thinning ultra cool colored hair? Uh? And how not to better destroy it thoroughly than; behold, Julie wants silvery-purpleish-grayish-blueish-pinkish hair.

In search for the perfect hair color for me, I browsed the world wide web. And came across these magnificent hairstyles and colors.
This one is my fave!
How can you NOT want odd colored hair now?

My hair-destroying project is to be continued...

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