Wednesday, August 29, 2012

put a cap on it

The coolest thing right night from the eyebrows and up is the cap. Correct.
Yes, I'm starting to get very into this cap thing that seems to be going on atm. As a matter of fact, I got so taken by the cap invasion, that I had to have one my self! So I rushed to a store I usually never shop at; H&M (this is ironic if you didn't already get that), and purchased a black cap. BYE BYE bad hair-days and screw you autumn rain. I'm going to put on a cap, look somewhat fab and, yes, be practical.

I searched the web for you non cap'lers, to show you how chic a cap really can be. And to be inspired in how to style it as well, obviously. Take a look;

Want them caps? Here's a few caps only a few clicks away, 
located in the dangerous world of online shopping...

Are you joining in on the capping?


  1. absoluuuuut! köpte idag en till i lagret från H&M. I vinrött :) skulle vilja beställa hem boy-london kepan i svart men den är fortfarande sold out :/

  2. Ja den i vinröd e skitsnygg! Ville egentligen ha den men bestämde mej för svart, då ja säkert kommer att andvända den mer då;) Kanske då måste tillfoga den vinröda senare hehe. Men fortsätt hålla utkik efter BOY lippisen, du sku se asbra ut i den :) puss!

    xo a reindeer