Monday, August 6, 2012

diy desk my dad made for me

After ripping off the floorboards in my room, I knew I wanted to make something out of them. I came to the conclusion that a desk would be the most versatile, and usable for that matter. I asked my dad to make it for me (because I am no genius when it comes to making things, and he is). So he made a desk out of the wooden planks, and then I painted it and gave it a thin coating of lacquer. Voila! It is stunning in my opinion, I LOVE it! Thx again daddy!

Original old wooden floorboards.

The table after glueing and polishing. The legs are just loose steel legs we bought from Ikea. 

I mixed some white paint into the stain-paint.

The table was painted and afterwards lacquered, to give it a "old-used-wood" look.

And the finished result!

You like it?