Wednesday, August 1, 2012

extreme makeover; room edition

Something to keep me occupied with; room DIY.

When I wasn't working I was busy rebuilding my room. It used to be my little brothers room, so I never really had my own space there, since the room was filled with his old crap and was decorated with worn down children's wallpaper, squeaky old floors, a useless closet and horrifying shelfs. It was time for a change, I was not going to live in a room looking like that for long. So with the help of my brother and dad, we demolished all evidence of the old room, tore up the floors and cracked the closed. The room has been painted and the corner that used to be the closet has now gotten new walls and new life, we isolated, I got a new floor and even the door got painted. The only furniture I kept was the bed, everything else got replaced. I am extremely happy with the result. But it was 3 weeks of hard work. It wasn't done in a weekend like I'de hoped...
There's still a long way to go what concerns interior deco, but it's finally coming along. I will show pictures, before and after, when my room is completely done. In the meanwhile here are some pictures of the process.

Presenting the force behind turning the worlds ugliest room to my private sanctuary;

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