Saturday, August 25, 2012

that copenhagen

Copenhagen is and will always be my city. Even if there are some who are doing their best to take that away from me, I can't deny the spell the city has on me. I simply love it. And I know that I will move back - at some point. That point is not yet though, there are some matters that prevent me from moving there, and then there are reasons I don't want to move there, at least not yet. Hopefully I can get over some of my fear and issues I have now, and soon start to think about moving back there, to mentally prepare. Until then, I'm trying to enjoy it, even though I'm afraid of running into people I wish not to see. It went rather painless the last time. Fingers crossed next time will be as good :)

Here are some snapshots I manage to take while visiting Denmark, and the most wonderful Copenhagen.
First of all, and the main purpose for our trip to DK was to successfully escort my little brother to his new home. He is now attending 10th grade in a sports specialized school, where he will spend the next year. Running is mandatory and part of the everyday wakeup routine. Good luck with that.
One child comes back home and the other one leaves.

There's nothing like the cheap hipster cool relaxed cozy environment at Nørrebro. And enjoying a organic bottled beer a sunday evening with friends, in a full crowd of life-loving cool copenhagenians is just way better than sitting at home in rainy Naantali watching The Biggest Loser. Just saying.  
 The bars in Nørrebro are small and worn down, but the atmosphere is so very far from that.

Then waking up to a complete danish breakfast is simply awesome. Rye-bread from the bakery and chocolate on top of it is what I could eat everyday, all day.
Cheap and chic. Or just plain X-tra cheap...

 Nothing beats biking in Copenhagen. Your bicycle is your best friend, if you're not up for public transport, and will take you anywhere in notime!
Except for when one of the bridges are broken and no traffic can come across. Or when it's raining heavy DK rain and the wind is blowing you off your bike into the traffic...that's a major shitfest. But except for that biking is super great!
 And did I mention bike riding über cool too? 

Strøget, the walking street crossing the heart of Copenhagen is so lovely in the summer. Sitting by the fountain having a coffee, or sitting by the canals enjoying some sushi(or/with beer) just might make a trip to CPH worth the while.
And along the street you can find some 1.class shopping. The H&M is huge and was frequently visited during my visit...erhm...

And after a hard day of doing nothing, shopping, working, studying, sightseeing, you must stop by one of the places to just hang out and have a beer. It can be a park or a bar, by the canals, or in our case, on the bridge to Nørrebro. Even the half warm beer from the minimart tastes great in the Nørrebro evening sun.
 Perfect place for some prime time people watching; one of my favorite hobbies.

I met up with Maria, and we continued the tradition of over-consuming the buffet at Riz-Raz. Lunch there is the perfect place to catch up, and yeah, eat up. Lunch was followed by, guess what, SHOPPING!

And you can not go to DK without having a sausage at the sausage stand. In my case, I had quite a few.  
And a red sausage hotdog is just so good! With extra roasted (fried?) onions!
 Tanja is eagerly awaiting her hotdog.

Thx girls for the best time!!! The hotdog says hi!


  1. Jag vill lära mig danska!! Men vet ej hur! :) Kiva blogg :)

    H. Emppu

  2. D e bara att fast fa o lyssna på danks radio på nätet :) Kan rekommendera P3, (DR), skitbra kanal! O tack, kiva som läser med :)

    xo a reindeer