Monday, August 27, 2012

news in the closet

I was so looking forward to doing a little shopping in CPH, which I totally did, but I'm not gonna bore you with showing everything here. Just flashing some of the items, that's all. 

 This black dress from H&M is so nice and comfy. It's flowy and has an open back, and is shorter in the front than the back. I'll style it with a thin belt to give shape, or just let it hang to create a more dramatic look, with a statement necklace maybe.
 I'm trying out the whites aswell. This top is from H&M trend, and just had to come home with me.
This might not be the most fashionable piece of clothing I own, but it just might be the softest! I'm trying to build up a basic wardrobe, and this delicate wool cardigan is a sure hit for many years to come! Cos had piles of other cool things as well, but I guess I did good in only spending on this one.

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