Sunday, March 4, 2012

beachcomber island

The last stop in the Yasawas, or this is down south of the Yasawas, and belongs to the Mamanuca Islands, was Beachcomber Island. Oh how I wished I could have stayed longer, but since I already had pre-booked everything, including my accommodation in Nadi, I didn't have the money to stay. Pitty, coz I really loved it. It wasn't as fantastically beautiful as the more northern islands, but it was smaller and cute, and had more people. And they have more activities, so some decent partying is promised on beachcomber. The partying didn't fail me, even though I came on a Sunday, and I had a blast, I met some awesome people, and was therefore I was that more bummed I had to leave the next day. I do hope I'll meet up with the people I've met at some point, and since it is no secret that I dream of moving to Australia, I might actually get to see them again. But enough with sentimentality. Here are some pics.

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