Sunday, March 4, 2012

safe landing - nacula Island

Let me tell you about Safe Landing on Nacula Island (and don't even get me started on the name! I mean, who names a resort Safe Landing?).
After Korovou Resort, I headed back up north, coz I wanted to do some diving, and in my head it sounded reasonable to try something different, even though I really enjoyed Coral View. But I was wrong. I ended up spending the worst night of my life, in something I now call; the dorm from hell. So I should have gone back to coral view, or payed the extra something for long beach resort... But well you live and you learn I guess. But it wasn't all bad though. Safe Landing is located probably in the best spot of the Yasawas, and the place is no less than stunning! The water was crystal clear, and had the most intense turquoise color I've ever seen, and the beach was just lovely and secluded, with one sunbathing chair just screaming my name. So from the moment I laid down my fork from eating lunch, I was glued to that chair, on the perfect beach, right by the sea, relaxing and all alone with my thoughts. I have to say, looking out at the view, I was pretty pleased with life. When finally I had fried enough, and the sun had actually gone down, I made way via the shower back to the dinner table, where we enjoyed a feast with the theme pacific night. yUMmY! Muy delicioso I say! All kinds of Fiji food filled my stomach to the bursting point, and to end the evening well, there was the drinking of the traditional Cava. Cava is a drink, pressed roots into water, that makes you ultra relaxed and your mouth go all tingly and numb. Good stuff in other words, but tastes as it looks, like sewage water. This perfect day in the perfect place had to come to an end, but little did I know that the snake in paradise was the dorm I was going to spend the night in. I was the only one sleeping in the dorm, and a first look into the dorm didn't unveil its dark and creepy secrets earlier that day. When I went to bed, I first of all had to take a mattress from another bed and put it under my own mattress, to prevent my body from being scarred by the steel pipes digging into my body. A visit to the toilets was not any better either. It looked like someones intestines had exploded in one of them and the other was just plain gross, and no toiletpaper is a big nono for me, so I left the toilets to them selves and tried the restaurant ones insted... Not witnessing too much of an improvement. When I came back and went to bed I realized that there were actually more mosquitoes inside than outside, and they were eating me alive like a buffet, and not only were there mosquitoes, but all kids of insects creeping all over me and blocking the light from my torch. This is where I got up to put on some insect repellant, and saw my bag was in the middle of a cockroach highway, so in and out of my stuff they crawled those little disguising satans, and probably more in than out! So I lifted up my stuff on the bed besides me, and this is where I see the mouse! Yes a mouse running inside on the floor. Yak! And the mosquitoes were all over me at this point and all I could hear was various insects screaming murder in my ear and eating my face, and while trying to stomp the life out of the cockroaches I saw my whole bed was crawling with mini insects, I had enough! I stormed out of the dorm and found the manager, sobbing, telling him what I just went through. His reaction was "well, we've never had any complaints before, and there are no mice in there and this is not the city you know, there are insects...". I wanted to tell him how nice it was of him to point out that it wasn't a city, coz without his wise words I would have been confused still, and that there were no mice, yes my eyes must have seen something else then...?!!? Wtf man was what I really wanted to say, but my crying prevented it. So he gave me some mosquito kohl and the little he had left of a insect killing spray. Thanx. So I had to spend my night in the dorm of hell, sweating under the sheet like never before, being eaten by insects and bitten by a mouse. Guess if I slept well? And guess my mood the next morning! Hint; not too cheerful!
I think the owner felt a bit sorry for me and went through some trouble organizing diving for me the next day. That was the absolute VERY least they could do, IMO. After diving I got the hell out of there, as fast as I could.
But, I'd like to say that I think the private huts and rooms were ok, people seemed pleased, so I don't want to bad mouth everything about this place coz as I said, it had its moments.
So; - food; excellent!
- location; stunning!
- staff; very sweet!
- diving with Long Beach; super!
- dorm; the dorm from hell!

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