Wednesday, March 7, 2012

fiji and its people

I love taking pictures of people, especially when they're not posing. I also feel like a creep sneaking up on people and taking their picture, and a lot of the pictures I take are of children... I hope people don't think I'm some kind of perv or pedophile... Sometimes though, I do succeed in taking pictures of people without making them mad or uncomfortable, and I, when looking back at pictures, think that these kinds of pictures set the mood of a country and its people. Especially in a country like Fiji, where everything is so different from what I am used to back home, it's nice to set the mood with not only landscape pictures, but also the people who are as big of a part of the experience as the country and scenery itself.

So, presenting Fiji; an island country with happy people, where men wear skirts and flowers in their hair, where big legs are pretty and women have afros shaved like mushrooms, and everybody's a pro in Volleyball.

My favorite picture is the one of the bus full of kids, and one just happen to turn and look straight at me.

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