Tuesday, March 6, 2012

exploring the fruit at Namaka fruit market

The other day I spent in Nadi, I went to the Namaka Fruit Market. It is funny to see how divided the sections are between the Indian-Fijien and the native-Fijien people. They stay in their groups and don't really mingle with each other. This time I enjoyed the back half of the market more, which was clearly the native Fijien area, and I got a proper lecture on the coconut, how it's picked and the different stages. I bought a coconut (1$) and they showed me how to properly open it. It was delicious. But I ate the same coconut for 3 days, so to say there is a lot to eat in a coconut! I also had a conversation with the coconut people about Denmark and the crown princess Mary, they knew their royalty better than me!
I spent a total of 3,5$ in the market, and got; a coconut, a banana, a papaya, a spondeous (??), and a fruit I have no clue what is called. It looked like a lemon, but was red like a fig inside and tasted very sweet and nice.
The fruit market is definitely worth a visit, and especially if you have a chat with the locals!

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