Sunday, March 25, 2012

regina's fales

As mentioned, I stayed at a place called Regina's fales. Highly recommendable! It was 60WST, roughly 20€ a night for a fale, including three meals a day. That's a pretty sweet deal I'd say! The food was good and the atmosphere was family oriented and relaxed. You simply do not stress at Regina's. There's nothing to do but eat, read, take walks on the beach, watch turtles come up for air, sunbathe and nap. I got pretty good at napping :)
The first two nights I stayed there with two others. Thomas from Norway and young Michael form Germany. We spent almost all time together and had a blast. In the evenings we had some beers, Vailima to be exact, hung out in the fales, talked, watched the stars and listened to Thomas play some tunes on his guitar. Life was pretty good. And the weather was ok too! The only thing that could of course interrupt my inner peace was that bloody sandy wet disguising cat, that kept on creeping into my fale. The cherry on top was the constant ass liking ON my bed. Not cool cat! (and he knew it)
But defo a big thumbs up for Regina's!

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