Sunday, March 4, 2012

the two words a traveller loves to hear; free wifi

I'm still so behind on the posting... I just spent 9 days in Samoa (pronounced Saaamoa), and Internet was seriously no where to be found! Last night I took a shuttle bus to the airport, and when I waited in the fancy hotel, they told me that they had run out of Internet. How that is possible beats me but same story was in the airport. No more wifi or computers, somebody from the staff had abused it so now there's no Internet in the airport anymore. So yeah 10 days in paradise without Internet has been relaxing and freeing, but again since my phone is an invalid bastard and refuses to work, it is quite scary being totally cut off from the outside world.
But I had quite the chock this morning, after a 4 hour flight from Samoa to Auckland, 5 o'clock in the morning, I look at my ticket and discover that instead of a 4 hour stopover, I have a 28 hour stopover. So through immigration and queuing and bio security and passport control and more queuing and all I find a free tour guide for Auckland New Zealand, just to see if I can find a last minute accommodation for one night. I was lucky to find a place, coz apparently there's something happening in the city so pretty much everything was fully booked! So now against all odds, I am in New Zealand, I have Internet, and I am just waiting for tomorrow, where I am to land in Tokyo around 16.30 local time.
Next time you hear from me will be from JAPAN baby! Until then, some more Fiji posts on the way!
Laters my sugarpies!

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