Friday, April 20, 2012

wanted in the heat

I have a thing a for Ray Ban sunnies, and so far I have in my collection; a pair of Aviators and a pair of Wayfarers. As in, not enough.
Since I started my trip I wished to add a pair of Clubmasters to my collection. That wish has gradually grown into a wanting, and then escalated into a must-have. The must-have has now grown into a fully blossomed obsession of; if I don't get them soon, someone's gonna get hurt.
And to make matters worse, I have discovered a new wish amongst the Ray Bans, to supplement my agony of not owning a pair of Clubmasters. The new wish, that has already grown into a wanting, is the pair of RB3447-02. Black in color, round in shape, probably not cool on my face but who cares, that's the new wanting. But Clubmasters not to be sided, I want both!! Maybe Asia can provide me with a solution to my problem...? If I can find a place that sells something else than (fakefakefake) cheapcheap specialpriceforyoumyfriend stuff...

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