Friday, April 20, 2012

change of color

I want to make something drastic with my hair, before it falls out completely. So I want to let it grow just a bit more, and then color it. I have known for a long time what my new hair color is going to be, but it's all in my head. How do you you explain this hair color to a hairdresser? A little gray, silverish, wash-out purple? So I'm so glad I finally found some pictures showing exactly what hair color I want! I have to go all copycat in this one, but it's the only picture that truly shows the exact color. So when I come home, my hairdresser will choke on her scissors when I show this picture and tell her to make me look like this.

I stole the images from the blog Love Aesthetics, one of the most inspirational blogs I read. I love Ivanas style, her looks and the creative DIYs. She is my muse, and with great hair!
I just hope this hairdo will look good on me:) But I still have some time before I get home. Maybe I'll change my mind. Not likely though.

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