Monday, April 23, 2012

nail polish fetish

Some things never change; my nail polish fetish has not been cured, and will probably never be. So instead of fighting it, I just have to live with my it. I'm in Asia, maybe this is not the place to try and cure nailpolishmania anyway...? There are too many cheap nail-polishes around not to be tempted, and when I say cheap, I mean cheap! Something like 4DKK/0,5€ a piece, and with all the colors of the rainbow, and some more in metallics, I just can't help myself.
I can't go all in shopping for clothes bags n' shoes, because I don't have the room (read; money) to carry it around, so a new nail polis is a good substitute to the urge of buying something new... So adding to my collection, I have during my trip got to scrape seven new polishes together. Oops.
I did throw out one of the original ones I brought with me, does that count...?

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