Saturday, April 7, 2012

dreamjob dreaming in paradise

Hey and a hi from paradise. I'm in Malaysia, and more specifically on the Perhentian Islands on the east cost of Peninsular. This is something close to (tourist) paradise and me and Simone have been here for 7 nights. But today we are catching the 12 o'clock boat to the mainland, so that we can catch a fight to our next destination. Which is (drumming); BALI! And guess what, I'm turning old tomorrow, so we will arrive just in time for a big b-day celebration. And guess what also? I just read about my dream job online! So the time on the flight will be used for application writing and dreaming about what ifs... Fingers crossed! And keep them crossed for the whole of April and May:)
Gotta run, got a bag to sit on before closing it and catching the boat! Bye xx!


  1. Happy birthday our big girl. Suukkoja ja haleja täältä kylmästä Suomesta ja toivottavsti sinulla tulee olemaan ihana syntymäpäivä.. <3

  2. <3 jag vet. <3 snart får man ju sola i riktiga solen, och i mitt försvar så har jag inet solat solarium de senaste typ två åren ;)